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A transparent school system that taxes you as little as possible while serving all of our kids to the best of our ability.

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"It was so quietly carried out that only 2,149 of the county’s 18,382 registered voters showed up to the polls. The measure passed by only 17 votes.  That means that 5.8% of the voters in this county made the decision for ALL of us!  My property taxes and your property taxes went up as a result."

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Donna Savary for Wakulla County School Board

As is the case for any candidate, I am often asked why I am running for office.  The decision to run, not just for any office but for this one in particular, was a well thought out and intentional one.  The two biggest reasons are accountability and responsibility. First, I believe that the public school system is meant to serve ALL of the children of our community.  However, I have been witness to several students that have “fallen through the cracks” because our system tries too often to fit square pegs into round holes.  These students grow older with each year until they are given up on and convinced that the best option for them is a GED.  It isn’t always easy to educate those who don’t fit “the norm”, but they are kids who will one day be adults that will need an education in order to be able to compete in this world. It is also the moral, as well as financial, responsibility of our school system to ensure that we have exhausted every effort to meet them on their level and educate them to the best of our ability. The desire to reach those that have been left behind prompted me to launch Savary Academy 5 years ago. Today, I work directly with 15-20 kids as their teacher, principal, and success coach.  I know firsthand that all of our kids can be reached if we try hard enough. donna savary, wakulla county school board 2014, savary for school board, wakulla county elections, school board elections
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Second, I believe that the investments we make with our tax dollars should be carefully considered.  Even if you are an employee of the school system, you are a taxpayer and work hard for your dollars Those elected to make those decisions on our behalf should behave with great restraint as if they were spending their very own money.  It is apparent to me that questionable business decisions sail through the present approval process with little, if any, public oversight.  Once deficits begin to surface, it is the local taxpayers that are expected to fix it.  A prime example of this: Just last year (May, 2013), an additional tax increase was  orchestrated through a poorly publicized special election.  This being on the heels of the school board approving the decision to purchase a new digital sign to put out in front of the high school. A sign that cost $28,000. Is it a nice sign?  Is it helpful? Of course, but it was NOT a necessity in a time that is financially unstable! I am not making this up, please read for yourself.  This is just one decision the public has been made aware of.  How many others have been made to our detriment that we know nothing about? 

Within days of this school board decision, a special election was planned to help fill the coffers of the school system.  A special election that cost another $36, 900 to intiate and that many of the residents of this county knew very little about.

It was so quietly carried out that only 2,149 of the county’s 18,382 registered voters showed up to the polls. The measure passed by only 17 votes.  My property taxes and yours went up as a result. Again, see for yourself!  Take out  your own property tax bill from last year.  If you can’t put your hands on it then go online at to look it up.  In it, you will discover that the Wakulla County School Board already took about half of the ad valorem assessment.  You will also notice an additional line that says “School Voter Approved”.  My tax increase amounted to $50.38 for 2013.  I’ll bet that you will see something similar.  Simply put, that’s how much the School Board billed you last year to cover debts. Let’s put this in a broader perspective.  Think about the fact that once collected across the county, the school system would be awarded approximately $584,440.70.  Also consider that many of you will find that the local school board is already getting MORE THAN 50% of most resident’s taxes.  That is more than all other areas of our public government combined.  Where is it going?

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am direct and outspoken.  I am not afraid to ask questions or to voice my concerns.  But I am also a mother, teacher and taxpayer and I am willing to become a part of the decision making system to help see that our kids are getting the best education without continually having our taxes increased.   That’s the kind of public servant I will be.  I will tell you where your money is going and what decisions are being considered BEFORE they are made and leaving you to find about them only after the fact. 

It is time we reassess our priorities and inform the people of our county. We can do this, but I need your help.

This election is decided on  August 26th (NOT in November) and you have a choice.  You can vote to maintain the current system OR, You can vote to put Donna Savary to work for you.    
Please don’t forget that you can vote early by visiting the Wakulla County Supervisor of Elections office in Crawfordville from Saturday, August 16 – Saturday, August 23rd.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to go to the polls, you can vote absentee here or by calling the Supervisor of Elections at (850) 926-7575 and requesting that an absentee ballot be mailed to you.

If you would like more information about me, my campaign, or how you might help get the word out, please call me at (850) 694-4620.  If you need help registering to vote or need a ride to the polls on August 26th, please call our campaign Registration and Transportation Coordinator at (850) 510-3949 or request a ride to the polls here. You can also like us on Facebook at Savary for School Board.

As a parent, taxpayer, teacher, and candidate, I respectfully ask for your vote on or before August 26th so that we can change this system together.


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